Potentiate Launches Kapiche!



Potentiate in partnership with Kapiche is proud to announce the launch of their next generation text analytics tool Kapiche for Business a fast, accurate and easy tool for analysing large volumes of unstructured text data. Drawing on our collective 30 years of data visualisation and market research expertise Kapiche has been designed to present a level of understanding of unstructured data that improves organisational decision making.

According to Andrea Collier, Managing Director for Potentiate, the power of understanding unstructured data in a simple, fast and reliable way will provide companies with a level of customer understanding that will be critical to their business success. ‘We know from a recent International Data Group report that the majority of CIOs are unhappy with their current analytical capabilities, that is why, as a data intelligence company, we continually strive to apply our fresh thinking and smart frameworks to deliver leading edge tools for our clients. Kapiche is a great example of how we can turn big data in to understanding and insight’.

Kapiche negates the need for manually trawling through vast amounts of text nor does it rely on traditional code frames or preset categories. Instead the topic algorithm is based off statistics and a proven and unique methodology that dynamically analyses word frequency, proximity and co-occurrence to determine key topics and topic-level sentiment accurately and in minutes. The tool brings that understanding to life through informative visualisations that allow a holistic understanding of both structured and unstructured data to improve the granularity and quality of the insights identified.

Potentiate offers flexible options for accessing the power of Kapiche depending on your needs. To make your decision even easier, there is no large upfront investment required nor contract obligations.

To request a demonstration and free trial, please contact us at: digital.products@potentiateglobal.com or go directly to https://business.kapiche.com

About Potentiate

The Potentiate business model incorporates access to a range of independent individuals and groups who bring expertise which adds to and complements Potentiate services and products. These experts bring global experience across many categories and brands and their services can be incorporated into Potentiate services.

Potentiate is an award winning data intelligence company. We help our clients make sense of data, connect with their customers and improve their lives. With over 20 years in the Australian market research industry and with technology as the enabler, we specialise in the following:

  • Text Analytics
  • Customer Experience Management (‘CEM’)
  • Research and Consulting
  • Data Visualisation and Integration Portals
  • Sample Provision

Potentiate was awarded the Temkin Group 2016 CX Vendor Excellence (CxVE) Award – globally recognising excellence in delivering CX products and services that improve customer experience outcomes.

Our expertise spans a broad range of industries including Automotive, Finance, Lifestyle and Leisure services, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Tourism, Utilities, as well as government departments.


About Kapiche

Since 2013, Kapiche has been entirely focused on developing a data analysis platform which integrates unstructured data analytics with structured data analytics. Kapiche now facilitates: organizational decision making, by creating “understandings” from all of the data available to organizations, structured and unstructured data; management with analytics based on the understanding generated from Kapiche analyzed data; enfranchisement and empowerment of “citizen analysts” as Gartner has described them.

Ryan Stuart, Kapiche’s founding CEO and Director of Technology, together with Lead Researcher Kris Rogers, has been designing and building unstructured data analytics products for the commercial market for well over ten years.

The initial Kapiche platform was awarded one of four Gartner Cool Vendors Awards in Analytics during 2015. 

Kapiche’s global reach is now expanding rapidly with the support of Potentiate.