business performance

To survive and thrive in this age of the consumer, businesses need access to big data, often from multiple sources, to understand the rapidly changing competitive landscape.

Technology is now able to bring together all company performance measures as well as live information from customers.  ‘Thinking data’ means pulling it all together in a way that has meaning for every level within the company and allowing easy access at any time

Particularly critical for business is the ability to understand online behaviour.  Using Potentiate’s unique technology, businesses can understand the online customer behaviour and preferences of their existing as well as potential customers and drive retention and acquisition digital marketing strategies. 

Potentiate has a strong market research, data management and processing background and as a result can create customised reporting and information tools to provide the answers you need on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The efficiencies alone in no longer having teams of people pulling together monthly board reports,  combined with our ability to easily represent both hard and soft performance measures, can transform business culture, increase collaboration and efficiency as well as saving real dollars.


An international marketing group, with teams of creative people around the world, have briefed Potentiate to create a business tool to complement their BI system and bring critical performance data from multiple sources together in a simple and visually engaging reporting tool in order to create a dynamic environment where data can be shared across silos, which have previously not easily connected.

Potentiate has designed and is in the process of building a KMapp (knowledge management application) which brings together financial, marketing, digital, graphic and social media, from multiple countries, all into a tool which operates live on multiple technology platforms. The goal is to drive culture and performance change alongside new marketing strategies.


market research


Knowledge Management applications are customised data integration portals. They are designed to bring together key measures specifically to suit your business from multiple data sources in an engaging, easy click and

view format. Executives can see up to date business critical metrics at any time on their PC, tablet or smart phone. KMapps help companies synthesise the mountains of data available to them today.

They are complementary to business intelligence data warehousing systems and serve to bring massive amounts of data into easy to use and understand formats.

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digital profiling

Digital Profiling Technology

This next generation technology is based on a proprietary method of unique device identification, which also captures recent online behaviour across competitive or other sites.

This technology is valuable for marketing and research and complies with privacy laws and guidelines.

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