Multimode Data Collection

CloudRunner is a unified data collection platform that enables users to quickly and easily design survey or feedback questionnaires from the most simple to the most complex and then deploy them in multiple modes such as online, telephone, mobile device such as tablets or smart phones, SMS, paper or even IVR.

Potentiate recognises the need of many different types of organisations to collect survey and feedback data from wherever is most effective and convenient for the respondent or customer.

Operational Effectiveness

Data is collected in a single database for easy analysis and reporting. Each mode has its own deployment and management tools including a full Telephone Sample Management System for phone interviewing. In addition CloudRunner’s cloud-based CATI (Computer assisted telephone interviewing) enables telephone interviewing to be conducted from any location rather than a phone room saving on overheads while its optional, integrated dialer ensures that interviewer productivity is maximised.

The dialler also provides full call recording and listening functions.

Reach and Engagement

Respondent engagement is becoming more and more important as web-based interviewing continues its growth. CloudRunner has a comprehensive range of attractive and engaging question designs that are both device and browser aware. The display of questions is automatically optimised for the device or browser being used with no restrictions for pervasive devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

Panel Management

The growth of online surveys has been accompanied by a similar growth in Respondent Panels. The Hub is an easy to use panel management system that integrates directly with CloudRunner enabling survey results to be communicated back to your panel in real time.

For those organisations that do not wish or need to operate the CloudRunner platform themselves Potentiate offers a full Bureau Service for scripting, deploying and managing all types of surveys.