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In addition to understanding traditional media, advertisers and agencies now also need to speedily understand and react to changing sentiment and changing market conditions driven by online and social communication. In order to maximise the value of campaigns it is necessary to understand online behaviour in real time and from real customers.

Potentiate’s next generation digital profiling technology allows the collection and delivery of critical digital data in real time providing transparency, accountability and added value.  Based on proprietary identification of unique devices, Potentiate is also able to understand behaviour across ISPs without reliance on cookies. This technology enables messages to be targeted to value customers in real time, based on behaviour.

This digital data can be added to other data to enhance competitive strategy and multi media campaign reporting. Potentiate’s live data visualisation reporting tools allow easy access to multiple data sources.

Communication and advertising agencies put together many sources of data regularly to provide campaign and other reporting to advertiser clients.   These reports are often dense with lots of dashboards.   Bespoke data visualisation designs lift these reports to a high level of engagement for advertisers.    Agencies gain efficiency and client engagement.


Potentiate is currently working with a niche online publisher to measure visitor behaviour in real time and understand the broader online search behaviour of subscribers. This publisher is able to review visits to competitor sites which enables them to ensure they have the right content to retain interest. This data is also used to provide feedback to advertisers to demonstrate, in real time, the effectiveness of campaigns and justify premium rates for accurately profiled targets.


digital profiling

Digital Profiling Technology

This next generation technology is based on a proprietary method of unique device identification, which also captures recent online visitation across selected competitive or non-competitive sites. This is valuable for both marketing and research. It

complies with privacy laws and guidelines. Potentiate is a member of ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising) and a supporter of legislation to protect consumers from invasive marketing practices.

(See our Privacy Policy for more details).

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Knowledge Management applications are customised data visualisation tools. Using multiple data sources, KMapps are designed to bring together key measures that suit your specific reporting needs in an engaging, easy to click and view format. Team members and clients can view up to date campaign and business critical metrics at any time on a PC, tablet or smart phone. KMapps help agencies synthesise the mountains of data available and are complementary to business intelligence warehousing systems.

They succeed in bringing massive amounts of data into easy to use and understand formats, making agency reporting transparent and dynamic.    These systems automate the routine of pulling data together allowing planners to play a stronger and more rewarding role in developing ideas and strategies.

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