customer experience management

Today, news, good or bad, travels faster and wider than ever before. Thanks to social media, a poor experience can be instantly shared with millions just moments after it occurs. This, coupled with so much product choice and virtual ubiquity in products, makes Customer Experience vital in this age of the customer.

Potentiate's Customer Experience Management (CEM) service enables brands and businesses to connect with customers daily, and to determine opportunities to drive change and achieve real growth through the transparency of real time feedback.

CEM programs can be tailored to capture both employee and supplier feedback and also drive the same actionable outcomes across these important stakeholder groups.

We currently deliver our CEM programs to some of Australia's largest companies across automotive, retail, insurance and banking services. With experience dating back to 2008, Potentiate can tailor an effective customer experience solution specifically to meet your needs and budget.


Our large furniture retail client has for the first time won an award for customer satisfaction. Potentiate's CEM approach and platforms have driven staff engagement with their whole customer experience strategy and as a result culture has changed. The rewards for this successful program go beyond the industry recognition to an increase in revenue and profit.


Cem Programs

CEM Programs

Our customised CEM programs are delivered LIVE 24/7 across all your branches or outlets and across all your touch points, capturing the real voice of your customers as they interact with your brand. Live reporting streamlines problem resolution minimising the impact to

your business. Key people can be freed from the need to process routine and dense data. Instead they can focus on "thinking data" for valuable insights, issues and opportunities.

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