digital profiling

Potentiate has developed a next generation digital technology which is able to identify unique devices visiting your website and retain those identifiers. At the same time, this technology can identify recent online visitation across other selected sites and where multiple search engines are used.

Potentiate has a range of DP (digital profiling) products that utilise this technology:

DP Web

This product provides insights into visitors to a website. It can uniquely identify a visiting device as it returns for repeat visits. At the same time it can gather information to identify selected web pages that device has viewed.

DP Web is primarily a ‘census’ style measure of site visitors. It aims to measure real people in real time across competitive sites within or across categories. Typically you would use this product to understand the online behaviour of your site visitors and the competitive environment of your category. The perspective is from the visits to your site or other digital assets such as digital ads, or promotions, or surveys.

DP Download

This product assists in the identification of devices that have downloaded digital content other than a webpage e.g. PDF documents, ads, promotions, videos etc.

DP Device

This product identifies devices visiting a website or responding to a survey for the purpose of auditing usage and fraud detection.

DP Survey

This product provides insights into respondents to a survey. It can uniquely identify the respondent’s devices and passively gather selected online behaviour.

Clients who use these DP products are required to put a notice on their site that visitors are being measured. We can assist with the right wording to encourage a positive response to this. Click here to see the Potentiate online privacy policy. Please read this to understand more about privacy generally.

Data gathered using these DP products can be segmented by data, geo source and device type or other relevant search groups and by current and new customers. It is possible to obtain opt-in permission from visitors or from existing customers to link the data to information such as demographics, attitudes and preferences.