With HARMONI, investigation leads to discovery, and discovery leads to understanding.

HARMONI is an investigative program that helps you uncover the relationships that exist in your consumer research data, helping you learn more, resulting in better quality business decisions. With over two decades of development behind it, HARMONI FOUR represents the latest generation of Infotools’* award winning application.

Adding Value to Your Investment in Consumer Research

We’re all about making the complex simple. Our custom designed databases and feature-rich investigative programs work together to give you the ability to discover relationships within and across your marketing data.

Making relationships easy to find and understand

HARMONI makes it easy to explore and see relationships in marketing data - especially across multiple data sources. For example, easily see how marketing spend impacts key measures of brand health for products from both you and your competitors.

HARMONI balances powerful analysis features with ease of use, encouraging exploration and discovery with charts, graphs and other tools for visual analysis. Although intuitive to use, HARMONI is powered by sophisticated mathematical algorithms and more than two decades of development.

The database design is absolutely fundamental

The HARMONI service incorporates Infotools designed databases, all custom built by real people who understand research.

We set up databases in a way that suits your data and to suit the analysis functions that are built into the HARMONI program. Our data harmonisation, intelligent design and flexibility all ensure that Infotools databases make it easy to find the patterns and relationships in your research data to assist you to make better business decisions.

HARMONI Features

Multidimensional data views

HARMONI gives you the ability to explore several dimensions (questions and themes) for a rich view of data - beyond the limitations of cross-tabs, where questionnaire results are typically reported in isolation.

Save time with single-click graphing

The autographing© technology saves you time by changing the view from tables to graphs in a single-click.

Customise your display

See results as numbers, percentages, unweighted numbers, indexes, differences and more. Colour coding options provide visual cues for significant differences.

On-the-fly filtering

Drill down into your analyses using any combination of demographic or attitudinal variables. Filtered results are displayed immediately - with no need do another data run.

Easy sharing with other programs

Quickly share your analyses with productivity applications including Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, or export as an HTML file.

Advanced Functionality

Visualise brand relationships: Space Graphs

Products and brands are often rated against attributes in questionnaires. Space graphs are based on correspondence analysis. They show spatial relationships between brands or groups of people based on any criteria you choose.

Create group profiles: What’s Different

Go beyond cross-tabs with ‘What’s Different’ to quickly discover everything the data can tell you about target groups, brands and segments in your market, including how similar or different those groups are.

Identify significant differences: Significance Testing

Colour coding in tables helps to identify data that is significantly higher or lower than reference data, so you can see at a glance what is significant.

Link TVCs, media and marketing plans

Explain changes you see in tracking data by linking in promotional events and campaigns, including print advertising or TVCs

* Potentiate is the licensed agent for Infotools’ products in Australia & Japan.