Infotools Visulite

What is Infotools Visulite?

*Infotools Visulite is an online reporting tool which easily combines multiple data sources onto one platform and adds value to your data by making it more useable and accessible to users.

Infotools Visulite automates your reporting and makes it easy to publish and share research results through visually captivating and interactive graphs and tables.

How does it work?

Delivered online and with interactivity to filter and manipulate the data, Infotools Visulite can be tailored to any audience in your business, ranging from data savvy researchers to senior executives.

Tables and graphs with predetermined filters and view types can be set up and saved. Reports can be automatically generated and shared with others through single-click export into PowerPoint, Excel or Word, in a presentation ready format, making your time at work more efficient.

Infotools Visulites’ chart blog feature allows users to comment on findings and share their ideas – helping your team create stories together and engage with the research.

With its intuitive and easy to use design and navigation, Infotools Visulite requires no training for users. Simply fire it up and you’re ready to go!

* Potentiate is the licensed agent for Infotools’ products in Australia & Japan.