Potentiate recognises that many organisations have valuable information and insights locked up in often vast amounts of text data. It is locked up because they do not have the tools to easily and quickly extract the salient meanings from such data in an economical way. Lexicon enables organisations to both extract and visualise meaning from text data.

This meaning is created through conceptual analysis of the presence and frequency of words and phrases, the co-occurrence of words that constitute a concept, the explicit and implicit identification of concepts and by establishing the relationships created through concept co-occurrence. In addition, Lexicon is able to automatically identify both negative and positive or unfavourable and favourable concepts through its Sentiment Lens.

Lexicon differs from other Natural Language Processing tools in that it does not employ built-in dictionaries but instead performs discovery on a collection of text each time that analysis is performed thus removing bias and limitation.

As well as conceptual maps Lexicon is able to generate an Insight Dashboard that is particularly useful for analysing which concepts are associated with which categories within the data such as demographic information and also for ranking the concepts by strength and prominence.