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With new technology the world of market research has experienced tremendous change over the last few years. Executives of today have more data at their fingertips than ever before.

Making sense of all this data, distilling what is relevant and useful and bringing it together in ways that resonate, is key to deriving insight that is actionable and meaningful in your business.

Over the last 20 years, Potentiate has developed a deep understanding of market research data and a diverse technical toolkit, and together with our  team of smart and curious researchers and technicians we bring leading edge research solutions to our clients.

Our range of services includes sample supply, data collection and analysis tools, online knowledge banks, next generation data integration portals, passive online behavioural tracking, live feedback programs and ad hoc & tracking research and consultancy services.

Whether you are after some software to collect, analyse or report data, an entire program of research services or anything in-between, Potentiate can assist.


An automotive client looking to take advantage of new media opportunities, integrated proprietary brand engagement and media usage questions together with our passive measurement of online behaviour into a brand tracker. The data has given unique insights into how the media landscape is altering the information gathering and buying process in the category. These insights have led to revised media placement and spend strategies that have driven both effectiveness and efficiencies.


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    Sampleworx offers completely random and nationwide representative telephone sample for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) in Australia. Clients can draw sample 24/7 via an online self-service portal.

    Adopting true Random Digit Dialing (RDD) with Sampleworx will ensure comprehensive coverage for your studies.

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    online sample quality


    Millions of dollars of decisions each year are based on the results of online research. Survey respondents who fraudulently answer the same survey several times are causing serious concern for online research.

    Survey Gate blocks respondents using multiple email addresses or who attempt to complete Australian surveys from overseas.

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    Potentiate have re-imagined their successful Plenari suite and have taken it to a new level with the recently enhanced CloudRunner. CloudRunner is a comprehensive data collection application that enables the rapid development of surveys of any level of complexity and the deployment in multiple modes covering web, phone, mobile device, SMS, paper and IVR.  Questionnaires can also be delivered in multiple languages in each mode.  CloudRunner has the range of functionality demanded by both market research organisations and EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) programs. 

    Running, appropriately in the Cloud, CloudRunner can greatly reduce IT overheads and improve operational effectiveness. Its licensing model has been designed to address the need to quickly ramp up and ramp down capacity.

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    market research


    Potentiate's Bureau Service offers all aspects of scripting, hosting and management of online surveys assisted by our experienced staff.

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    Ruby is a tabulation and reporting application that has the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding DP professional. At the same time, Ruby enables researchers and other end-users to quickly and easily create tables

    and charts, and to filter and drill down into their data. Ruby has its own high quality charting and graphing components but also effortlessly exports to MS Office applications, such as PowerPoint and Excel, to greatly

    improve productivity and simplify the report creation process.

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    market research


    Increasingly, call recording is used in CATI interviewing for quality control and training purposes. It is also frequently used to provide an impartial record of dealings between staff and customers and has proven invaluable in resolving

    disputes and protecting businesses. Call recording provides managers and trainers with an excellent resource to evaluate and train staff.

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    digital profiling

    Digital Profiling Technology

    This next generation digital technology, which tracks the ebb and flow of online search behaviour, has application for both marketing and research. For marketers it provides a clear path to purchase by tracking category

    specific search behaviour across competitive sites. For researchers it is a passive measure of online search behaviour which can be integrated with other research data for a richer view of consumer behaviour.

    This technology is fully compliant with Australia's privacy and online behaviour guidelines.

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    Designed especially for researchers by researchers, Harmoni, from Infotools, helps you explore marketing data from disparate sources and visually uncover patterns and trends. This incredibly powerful tool can perform most statistical functions, yet it's easy to use because it has been designed for both clients and researchers with varying levels of expertise.

    Harmoni and its sister product ESPRI sit perfectly alongside your Business Intelligence platform.

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    Lexicon represents a new approach to the analysis of large volumes of open text data whether it is in documents, websites or survey data. Lexicon's unique analysis methods use statistics-based algorithms to allow

    concepts to emerge from the data which are assembled into themes that can be displayed and explored graphically. Outputs include concept map, network cloud, quantitative data and concept thesaurus all of which are

    fully supported by drill down to individual responses or source documents.

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    Knowledge Management applications are customised data integration portals designed to bring together key metrics specifically to suit your business. KMapps bring together data from multiple data sources, in an

    engaging, easy click and view format so that executives can see up to date business critical metrics at any time on their PC, tablet or smart phone. They are complementary to business intelligence data warehousing

    systems and serve to bring massive amounts of data into formats that are easy to use and understand.

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    Infotools Visulite

    Infotools Visulite

    Empower your teams with beautiful, interactive visual representations of their data. Infotools Visulite automates your reporting and makes it easy to publish and share research results through visually captivating and interactive graphs

    and tables. The chart blog allows users to comment on findings and share their ideas helping your team create stories together and engage with the research.

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    brand tracking

    Consultancy & Insights

    Whilst great tools can help you see the "what", high-level and accomplished research consultants will help you get to the "why". The combination of great tools to work with and a culture of thinking excellence ensures that Potentiate

    offers leading consulting and research services.

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