PBXtra Call Recorder

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The PBXtra Call Recorder is a stand-alone server based solution that provides an affordable and viable way to record calls in CATI rooms or any type of business.

How does it work?

It is a server based solution operating on a custom Linux platform. The PBXtra can record all calls both inbound and outbound.

Installed in ‘gateway’ mode, the PBXtra sits directly between the existing phone system and the telephone carrier. In ‘passive’ mode the PBXtra connects to the network switch via port spanning.

Compatible with other systems

Potentiate provides the end to end solution including all hardware and software. It can be used in conjunction with Potentiate’s CloudRunner software and can be customised to suit your individual needs.

A call recording solution can be delivered in 2 ways:

  • Hardware located on the clients premises.
  • Hosted via Potentiate’s Cloud.

Why PBXtra?

Easy to use: Recordings can be easily retrieved via the web based user interface in .wav file format which can be played in any media player e.g. Windows Media Player.

No Change to Existing Equipment: In ‘gateway’ mode the PBXtra stands alone and simply plugs into your existing phone system. There is no need to make any changes to your existing phone system and there is no discernible change to the way your current phone system functions.

Affordable: Compared to competitive services, Potentiate PBXtra Call Recorder is the perfect balance of cost and function for recording business telephone calls.

Flexible: You can choose to record all inbound & outbound calls or set your own recording parameters. The standard hard drive is very large and can provide over 260,000 hours of continuous recording. It can be easily upgraded if required.

Scalable: Each base system supports up to:

  • 240 ISDN (digital) channels, or
  • 48 PSTN (analogue) lines, or
  • 200 simultaneous VoIP channels (SIP, Cisco ‘Skinny’, Avaya).

Simple installation: Typically within 2 hours with 5 minutes down-time.

Customisable: As Potentiate has developed and also holds the IP rights for this product, we are able to customise this system to meet your specific requirements.