Sampleworx provides verified and guaranteed household & mobile RDD phone sample to the market and social research industry of Australia. We randomly generate numbers and use new generation technology to validate each one, creating a complete telephone number universe, not just those published. Numbers are regularly re-validated in an ongoing cycle to refresh the sample pool and to maintain a low disconnect rate.

Why was it created?

Many market research agencies and fieldwork companies are currently using out-dated systems for the provision of their phone number sample. The result is a high level of invalid numbers (up to 50%) which adds time and cost to a project. Sampleworx provides a practical ongoing solution to this problem.

How does it work?

Sampleworx randomly generates both landline and mobile phone numbers and then validates each one before adding them to the database. In this way, you can be assured that you are dialling more potential respondents which provides a significant time and cost saving.

With such a great repository of up to date phone numbers, we can offer a completely random and nationwide representative sample.


Sampleworx is a membership based service. Once a member you can then purchase credits that are used to order the sample you require.

Step 1: Membership Form

To join, simply contact us for an application form. Once approved, you receive login details for the online portal and are ready to start using the service. Each account can have multiple users to make it easy for additional staff to access this service.

Step 2: Purchase Credits

To purchase credits simply login and click on the "request credits" link. Only a user with administrator rights will have access to this link. Credits purchased in larger volumes attract discounts.

Drawing landline RDD Sample

Using the online portal, you can specify the regions or postcodes you require and the sample will be drawn randomly from the database. Your sample can also be weighted by the population of each region or post code. Once processed, the sample can be downloaded in seconds. The delivered file is in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format and can be easily uploaded into your phone room.

Drawing mobile RDD sample

Mobile sample is currently ordered via email and at this stage there is no geographic profiling available i.e. you cannot specify sub-regions within Australia. Upon receipt of an email order, Sampleworx will randomly generate a sample and then validate it before delivery. Allow at least 24 hours for mobile sample orders.