online sample quality

What is Survey Gate?

Survey Gate gives researchers the ability to block duplicate respondents. This service utilises our privacy compliant and proprietary digital fingerprint technology for online research. Duplicates can be blocked from within a single panel and across multiple panels where the user has multiple email addresses. It can stop panel members who live in other countries attempting to complete an Australian survey.

This service provides an added level of Independent Quality Assurance for your research. If you are a researcher who cares about the quality of the result you deliver then this product is a must for every online study you conduct.

How does it work?

The Sampleworx Digital Fingerprinting creates a unique ID for each visiting computer. This Digital Fingerprint technology is not cookie based and cannot be deleted. The result is that online researchers can now be confident that each and every respondent in their project is unique.

How much is it?

Pricing includes a setup fee and a price per complete on a sliding scale. Please contact us for specific pricing.